Ongoing DPhil dissertation projects at University of Oxford (Co-/Supervisor: Bernhard Ebbinghaus)

Name Title
Solhee HanWelfare State Finance and Public Attitudes Towards Redistribution 
Kun LeeExtending Working Lives and their Social Inequalities in Ageing Welfare States
Kaitlyn Ju ChoGrey Power and Senior Citizen Economic Empowerment: An International Comparative Study of Active Ageing Policies
Lukas LehnerThe Employment – Wage Pattern Conundrum: Institutions, Policies and Labour Market Outcomes
Ali BarguPolitics of welfare in emerging market economies

Completed DPhil dissertation projects at University of Oxford
(Supervisor: Bernhard Ebbinghaus)

Name Title
Ali Bargu
Politics of welfare in emerging market economies
Jennifer BrightWho Governs Now? The Politics of Power in the Applied Sciences NYC Initiative
Clare Fox-RuhsIdeas About Social Rights: Changing Social Assistance in Britain and Ireland, 1985-2015 (with co-supervisor Stewart White)
Minho LeeSocial policy preferences of individuals: South Korea (with co-supervisor Matthew Donoghue)
Amanda ShriwiseUnderstanding Social Policy as a Tool of Foreign Policy
Chloé TouzetThe Politics of Negative Expansion: The Left’s turn to fiscal welfare for low-income groups in Britain and France in the 2000s (with co-supervisor Brian Nolan)
Julius WersigEurope’s Quiet Administrative Governance of Migrant Integration. Tracing EU-facilitated Learning in the European Integration Network

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Ongoing Dissertation Projects at University of Mannheim
(Supervisor: Bernhard Ebbinghaus)


Defended Dissertations at University of Mannheim
(Supervisor: Bernhard Ebbinghaus)

NameTitle  (*publication based / collected papers dissertation)Year of Defense
Ariaans, MareikeProfessionalization of the long-term-care workforce in Germany: The role of politics and organized actors 2021
Bender, BenediktPolitisch-ökonomische Konfliktlinien im sich wandelnden Wohlfahrtsstaat 2020
Buß (Buss), ChristopherThe Dynamics of Policy Preferences: Public Attitudes towards Labour Market Policies in Europe*   2017
Hubl, VanessaHousehold nonemployment, social risks and inequality in Europe (Cotutelle with Université du Luxembourg)*   2016
Heß (Hess), MoritzPreferred and Expected Retirement Ages in Germany and Europe*   2016
Klitzke, JuliaBeveridge and Bismarck Remodelled: The Positions of British and German Organised Interests on Pension Reform   2016
Neugschwender, JörgPension Systems and Income Inequality among the Elderly in Europe*    2016
Adascalitei, DragosBetween State and Market: The Changing Role of Institutions and Political Actors in East European Pension Reforms*   2016
König, StefanieLabour Market Flexibility between Risk and Opportunity for Gender Equality: Analyses of Self-employment, Part-time Work, and Job Autonomy*   2016
Domonkos, StefanLimiting Redistributive Capacity: Welfare State Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe*   2015
Reibling, NadineHow Healthcare Systems Matter: An International Comparative Analysis of Access to Healthcare and its Implications*   2014
Biegert, ThomasPatterns of Non-Employment: How Labour Market Institutions Shape Social Inequality in Employment Performance in Europe*   2014
Naumann, EliasThe Dynamics of Welfare Attitudes in Times of Welfare State Retrenchment*   2014
Gronwald, MareikeReforming Old Age Security in Europe. A Comparative Analysis of Institutional Change in France, Germany and Sweden   2013
Mischke, MonikaPublic Attitudes toward Family Policy in Europe   2012
Koos, SebastianConsumer and Corporate Responsibility across Europe*   2012
Pfeifer, MichaelaWelfare State Institutions and Public Attitudes in Western Democracies*   2012
Ortiz, MichaelVarieties of Innovation Systems in Europe: Knowledge-Transfer in International Comparison   2012
Wiß, TobiasDie Rolle der Sozialpartner im System der Alterssicherung in Deutschland   2010
Defended Dissertations at University of Mannheim (Supervisor: Bernhard Ebbinghaus)

Defended Dissertations (Reviewer: Bernhard Ebbinghaus)

NameTitleUniversity, Year of Defense
Rossetti, SilviaInstitutional affinities and extending working life:
The effectiveness of activation policies in The Netherlands, Germany, and Italy
European University Institute, Florence, 2015
Makszin, KristinReforming East Central European Welfare States: Governments, Technocrats, and the Patterns of Quiet RetrenchmentCentral European University, Budapest, 2013
Lartigot-Hervier, LouiseLa peau de chagrin? Affaiblissement syndical dans les assurances social en France et en Allemagne. Comparaison des assurances maladie et chomageEcole Doctorale de Sciences Po, Paris, 2012
Künzel, SebastianReforming Minimum Income Schemes in Bismarckian Welfare SystemsUniversität Oldenburg, 2012
Radl, JonasRetirement Timing and Social Stratification: A Comparative Study of Labour Market Exit and Age Norms in Western EuropeEuropean University Institute, Florence, 2010
Bogedan, ClaudiaZwischen Parlament und Interessenverbänden. Der dänische Wohlfahrtsstaat im Wandel 1973-2006Universität Mannheim, 2009
Dinc, CüneydSozialstaat als Produkt einer Staatselite. Die Türkei im südeuropäischen VergleichUniversität Mannheim, 2008
Jungblut, Jean-MarieContinuous Further Education and Training in EuropeUniversität Mannheim, 2008
Landmann, JulianeEine Analyse der Auswirkungen der Einführung von reguliertem Wettbewerb auf den Bundesausschuss der Ärzte und KrankenkassenUniversität Mannheim, 2006
Ballendowitsch, JensPoblemlage und Lösungsmöglichkeiten der Alterssicherungs- systeme des öffentlichen Dienstes der Niederlande und der SchweizUniversität Mannheim, 2005