Bernhard Ebbinghaus: Panel discussion on the future of social protection, European Foundation Forum, Recovery and resilience in the EU – Back to the future? Dublin & online, 3 March 2022. [Video]

Bernhard Ebbinghaus: The Social Consequences of Pension Reforms in Ageing Europe: Later retirement age or higher poverty risks for older people? presentation and panel discussion [video] ageing Europe at CASE 30th Anniversary Conference, Warsaw, 24 September, 2021 [Ebbinghaus Pension Reforms CASE 2021]

Bernhard Ebbinghaus: Inequalities & Poverty Risks in Old Age across European Pension Systems, presented at TUC Pension Conference, online, 18 March 2021

Bernhard Ebbinghaus: Remodelling Pillars and Tiers: The Social Consequences for Coverage and Adequacy of Pensions in Europe, presented at Pensions Authority Conference, Dublin, 2 March 2017. [Ebbinghaus_Pensions_Dublin_2017]