Op-Ed: Ebbinghaus on pension reforms

Confidence always forms the basis for a successful transition

Despite the fact that confidence in pension funds, government actors, and social partners is under pressure, it remains the foundation for the pension systems in the Netherlands and Germany. ‘Implementing change is only possible once consensus has been reached,’ says German sociologist Bernhard Ebbinghaus. (…)

Read more on this topic inNetspar Magazine No. 20 / 2016

Netspar, the Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, is a Dutch ‘think tank’ and knowledge network based at University of Tilburg: http://www.netspar.nl

Interview (in German) on pension reforms in Germany and Europe

Armes Deutschland? Der Mannheimer Soziologie-Professor Bernhard Ebbinghaus im Interview über die Grenzen unseres Rentensystems, steigende Altersarmut – und Lösungen. Bestzeit Plus, November 2016.