Oxford Supertracker: directory of Covid-19 policy trackers

The Oxford COVID-19 ‘Supertracker’ is an online platform established to help policy-makers around the world to navigate the policy responses to tackling the pandemic, and its aftermath around the world. 

Numerous organisations have produced trackers to allow policy-makers and stakeholders to follow and evaluate policy changes and their impact on the pandemic in the UK, Europe and across the world. The Oxford ‘Supertracker’ project makes this information freely available with one tool, allowing users to search and identify international policy.

What started out in March as a Twitter thread by DPhil student Lukas Lehner has evolved into a new global directory compiling over 100 data sources. Within a few weeks, thousands of researchers from over 100 countries around the globe visited the first iteration of the website, making use of the directory and contributing to the growing number of entries. The project is led by Dr Marek Naczyk, with the involvement of Professor Mary Daly, Professor Bernhard Ebbinghaus, Lukas Lehner and Dr Tim Vlandas.

This novel collection is designed to assist researchers and policy-makers in keeping track of a rapidly growing number of data sources. Compiling policy trackers and surveys, the tool allows users to search by: policy area e.g. ‘education policy’ or ‘social and economic policy’; country coverage; data format; and, author. In addition, the data summary can be downloaded as a CSV for offline analysis. 

The Oxford Supertracker tool is freely available online: supertracker.spi.ox.ac.uk

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